Hotel Porton del cielo is located very close to one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the city of Patzcuaro, the Estribo Grande. Surrounded by vegetation and a spectacular view.

Patzcuaro is the heart of the Lake area, one of the points that identify the state of Michoacan and that was the main religious prehispanic center. they said their former inhabitants there was the gate of heaven where the gods descended and transcended.

La ciudad de Pátzcuaro

The city is a real jewel of colonial architecture where you can see baroque and neoclassic style monuments in excellent conservation state.

Its adobe walls and tile roofs give the town a very special and particular appearance that harmonizes with its ancient squares and fountains. The warmth of its villagers creates a charming atmosphere that invites the visitor to come back.

Pátzcuaro’s town hosts a population of approximately 48,000 inhabitants, from which 4,840 speak indigenous tongues.

The main economic activity is tourism and to a smaller extent, other activities such as fishing, wooden furniture manufacturing, textile crafts, cork products, wooden handicrafts, and artistic iron-work, silver jewelry, religious figurines and natural fibers handicrafts, among other materials.

Patzcuaro's Attractions

The main attractions that you shouldn’t miss on your visit to Pátzcuaro are, among others:

Around Patzcuaro

The main towns in the region of Patzcuaro ( lake area ) are:

Mapa de ubicación

Location Map

Table of distances
México - Morelia 303Km.
Guadalajara - Morelia 295Km.
Querétaro - Morelia 196 Km.
From Morelia to:
Pátzcuaro 53 Km.
Zamora 144 Km. free road
162 Km. highway
Zitacuaro 146 Km.
Uruapan 117 Km. free road
108 Km. highway
387 Km. free road
310 Km. highway

From Pátzcuaro to:
Acuitzio del Canje 38 Km.
Ario de Rosales 46 Km.
Carácuaro 136 Km.
Coeneo 136 Km.
Churumuco 176 Km.
Erongarícuaro 176 Km.
Huaniqueo 74 Km.
Huiramba 19 Km.
Villa Jiménez 71 Km.
La Huacana 96 Km.
Lagunillas 25 Km.
Villa Madero 61 Km.
Nocupétaro 128 Km.
Quiroga 19 Km.
Santa Clara del Cobre 24 Km.
Tacámbaro 54 Km.
Turicato 95 Km.
Tzintzuntzan 17 Km.
Zacapu 61 Km.

Data about Pátzcuaro
Max. Temperature: 23° C
Min. Temperature: 9° C
Festivities: Holy week, Day of the Dead, Fiesta de la Virgen de la salud.
Folklore: Danza de los viejitos (old men dance) y Danza del Pescado (fish dance)
Handicrafts: Laques, corn cane figurines, manta loom, furniture.
Gastronomy: Tarasca soup, white fish, enchiladas and corundas.